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The relationship expanded and become increasingly necessary in life, so at home parties have become important, sometimes life makes you versatile with many situations in life, and you also have to equip yourself some skills ” reserve ” to deal with this colorful life : such as planning for 1 banquet table, party at home, birthday parties for children, transformed into a management role in the control,….

For some people, stands out as the owner of a party may make them worry. Here are some suggestions that can help you regain the confidence to start planning.

First, you must select the type of party, small or large dinner party, bring the family or society, If you are new to the organization of the social nature party, you should choose the small party, Such suits you more.

Who are your guests, are relatives or friends ? colleagues or partners? You want to create relationships or revise memories with friends, you will be held indoors or outdoors.

Be determined to avoid budget deficits on the other account and selecting appropriate. You have space not, you will serve yourself drinks or food that people bring food to? Your party lively and noisy place in warm air gently.

That's what you have to study before a detailed survey.

And when decisions on things, please choose, time and place, to birth and guest books, Depending on the culture and context you choose how to live that invitation or call directly, if you have already sent cards before going on, you should also call you to remind your customers and determine whether to or not okay. You should also offer at least a week in advance to give your guests time arrangement.

Your party guests know the type of party, có thể để khách chọn trang phục phù hợp chảng hạn ăn tiệc nướng thì không ai mặc comlet, tie right, avoid confusion caused embarrassment.

Sometimes the party does not need to plan ahead, just call your group and prepare the dish.

If you choose the Parties shall consider the space you have enough room for the number of guests invited to not, the food list, Main dishes, side dishes, dessert to prepare a thoughtful, because often the table is as housewarming party, party Wedding, family gatherings,…

Before the party, make sure that your home has been cleaned, containers are also cleaned the opening balance for all. Select some music to add color air.

You will feel happy if his party does not have to worry about missing, the party is not only considered as completed fire, just think everyone is happy. If there is a fault with which you handle a sight, everything is ok, no need to stress if you have prepared detailed.

When you pick up the stand at the entrance to welcome the guests, just for hanging clothes or chat with them, if present

If people are too shy to communicate, can help you talk with others with the same school or hobby, you should create a harmonious atmosphere in the party.

You should try to talk to many people in the party and thank them for attending the party.

Chon party to form a party choose to select dishes to suit as : party Cocktail, barbecue, wedding, birthday party, party finger food,…

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