Banquet-style buffet EUROPE

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Party Buffet originated from Europe, emerged from the first century 19 and gradually became popular around the world.
Aka Buffet buffet, diners can travel freely, Using food and drinks in a most natural and comfortable.
Buffet has many advantages compared to Parties normal, can simultaneously serve multiple customers, nice thing is you can buffet free chat, communicate with each other should be able to extend time than usual.

Tổ chức tiệc Buffet

Tổ chức tiệc Buffet

I would like to introduce some dishes in the European style menu for your reference offline!

Xuc xích vịt

Duck sausage


Hào nướng phô mai

Hao baked phô mai


Nui Phô mai

Great PHO from


Cari tôm

Cari tôm

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tiec buffet

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