Outdoor wedding

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Banquet Wedding outdoor

Outdoor wedding reception bars more comfortable atmosphere for guests as well as the atmosphere of the party. If you're really fed up with a party was held under the stereotyped ritual in wedding restaurant, then you can present yourself to plan an outdoor wedding with lots of choices as follows:

Already a barbecue, the place is anywhere. Place is small villa garden, garden cafe, location a bit bigger then the building lobby firm, park, resort, beach…Location may be areas where natural, scenery.
Location depends on where your guest number, where you want to hold

For the decoration of:

Outdoor party, you can decorate your request. You can decorate anything you like. If organizations evening, you can have lights, more candle. The decoration requires experienced professionals. ( View more )

About food:

Dinner can be decorated in the style set menu or organization buffet with special barbecue. Barbecue cuisine is the most popular buffet with foods rich and diverse. Guests can comfortably sip feeds and chat throughout the party. The dessert dishes like cupcakes, cakes, cake served very comfortable

Regarding drinks:

Drinks you can choose the type as: food, Freshwater, juice, rượu vang, cocktail,…depending on their preferences and style of the party.

Gifts for guests:

These gifts mean, pretty good place for souvenirs for guests. You can also donate invited guests recently finished shooting pictures, with the assistance of the photographer and printer in place.

The outdoor wedding needs 1 units and professional experience. That is the reason you need us to perform a wedding feast for his perfect.

We offer full service from Planning to Organizing a party. Please call 08.54440482 to be the best advice.

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