Tổ chức tiệc cưới sân vườn

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Banquet Wedding in an airy and spacious with more fun at a wedding reception center does not !? It totally depends on the taste and experience of your life. This article we present a concert event organized by wedding Food & Event tiecBuffet.

First is planning to organize:


Number of guests

Search Location fit

On the organizational chart and decorating ideas

Top menu

Preparing for and conducting events

In general, the party was quite comfortable. The band playing music while waiting for customers and during the party.

Guests can order your favorite drink water and eat some snacks.

Guests comfortably move during party, see the decorations, projectors, photograph…and enjoy BBQ.

Part rites conducted simpler than in restaurants.

B The event took place in a fun atmosphere, games for visitors, abundant food. It was really impressive for this fun day.

Some pictures of the party is done by us



For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet
One comment Tổ chức tiệc cưới sân vườn
  1. Nguyen dang ngoc uyen phuong 03/12/2016 at 7:09 pm Reply

    Tôi muốn tổ chức tiệc cưới mini tầm khoảng 50 people. Vui long gửi thông tin cho tôi biết bên bạn có những loại nào.
    Cám ơn


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