Banquet Date 8-3

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The brothers and sisters are responding to this day, On this occasion the men list, husbands express feelings for ladies, people always think, care for them, mother, wife, em gái, …

Often these days these days selling flowers will, the gifts will be more and more beautiful package, and is sent to those who deserve it,

Besides giving gifts, we usually accompanied the party to enjoy the holidays and have the opportunity to complete together chatting.

To simplify the parties and less cumbersome, will usually pull out restaurants and cafes, why not take advantage of cozy atmosphere at home without spending too much, Company parties at home will solve the problems you want. We provide services, goi different party with a varied menu and plentiful, from European dishes to Japanese cuisine , Welding suit your taste,

You can choose unique gifts both mother edible gifts, girlfriend as

Gifts made from plastic letters in laser cutting, edible fresh fruit.

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Fruit baskets donated to women in the company,

Fruit basket

And many types of gifts such as handbags, cosmetic, voucher spa, jewelry,…

A gift with a small parties as parties TeaBreak, Finger food – cocktail, party buffet at home or company makes holidays becomes more complete,

Just you raised your request we will respond in full and make you satisfied.

Contact us for advice and appropriate cost,

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet

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