Banquet dish lightly with Finger Food

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Party Finger Food follow means “food handling”, to only the comfort and openness in party buoior help people have the opportunity to meet and exchange contact with each other more.
Trong tiệc Finger Food, dishes were beautifully decorated, create cravings for your customers.
Finger Food is food processing compact, hand can eat or ddcuoj waiters tray decorated and inviting diners to spare.
Some Finger Food dishes decorated as follows :

One part consists of fruit and water

dishes served with sauce

Food comes together

These dishes are attractive

And in Finger Food party is indispensable is a very important component which is the drink.
With the party Finger Food, do not drink any more ideal Cocktail, some kind of alcohol Light, create more appetite for diners.

Cocktaill Aloe Vera

Cocktail Margarita

Drink more appetizing and the party

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