ORGANIZATION outdoor barbecue

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Celebrated baked outdoor will give people a fun and exciting. Relaxed atmosphere and bustle of the party is going to make people relax after the hard working day.
Typically outdoor barbecue is usually held in an open space, Best is a picnic trip, a concert tour in the sea or simply in the garden, on the terrace.. Just ask hot barbeque, just enjoy the scenery and the sit chatting interestingly.

Beach BBQ

BBQ on the beach

We need to prepare something to hold a barbecue here?

Firstly Tools : Oven, than, que dem than, grill , bamboo skewers, oblique intersection 3 to large meat or chicken skewers suffering,..and you should also prepare a fire extinguisher, coal and water to extinguish precautions in crowded areas you okay.

Monday Raw materials for baking : shrimp, fish, Ink, meat…vv.. and do not forget to prepare vegetables at my old offline. Because eating vegetables is good for health and flavor enhancers Grill, besides, also very tasty grilled vegetables. Prepare some okra, cà tím, potatoes, corn…



Prepare drinks Tuesday : In the baking party, they used to take types cocktail or beer mixed with a few other ingredients. Men usually prefer beer or alcohol Light. Women can drink carbonated soft drinks or a few mild alcoholic cocktails.

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