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You are bored and tired on rainy days. Let's dispel that feeling by organizing a BBQ for family party, not only tasty but also very interesting.
Let us go to the menu list to buy any :
Butter baked embers

Raw materials:

– 1 select the software kg lean beef.
– 2 teaspoon salt, pepper, Two Liu HANOLI.


– Beef move to the 5 x 7 cm, thick 2 cm
– Tiger meat for software, seasoned with salt and pepper around 1 now.
– Prepare charcoal, medium heat, to beef up the grill each side about 2 minutes or want to re eat or cooked, you can add or remove time. Brush olive oil onto HANOLI to help dry the meat.

Delicious beef grilled red

This dish with salt and lemon served with fries.
Grilled teriyaki chicken wings

With teriyaki sauce you can use to marinate chicken,cow,pork or fish are,This Japanese sauces or used in the preparation of their barbecue,bold flavors and delicious.

Below is grilled chicken wings with teriyaki sauce very tasty,served with bread or with rice are,when should eat with tomato or cucumber,mixed salad oil or vinegar to reduce sick.

Raw materials:

1kg chicken wings,Using the center wing
1/4 chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
a little ginger puree and a bit grinder alcohol
2 Muong soup teriyaki SOT

Cánh gà nướng

Grilled chicken wings

How do:

Rinse and drain chicken wings,then into a bowl and all spices in the ingredients section on,add a little salt and mix well,for 2 h to coat chicken wings,going backstage on lined tray beneath a sheet of aluminum foil,spread on a little butter,Then the tray into the oven baked chicken wings,While the occasional grilled wings and back are two sides do not make the balance sauces section in Painter to face off,chicken wings to dry,when baked chicken wings,give 2 spoon into the cup teriyaki sauce mixed with a little water and a few drops of oil,spreadable wings to chicken wings in shiny and more attractive,Can you grill on charcoal oven dish AN4. Roast pork

thịt heo nướng thơm nức mũi

Grilled pork fragrant nose

Raw materials:
– Shoulder lean
– Drain minced
– Minced garlic
– Fathead
– Minced ginger
– Lemon juice
– Salt
– Road
– Two Liu HANOLI
– Five tastes flavor

How do:

– Meat washed, paper / absorbent towel dry clean bucket and then sliced ​​about 3-4mm, marinated garlic, sauce, Two Liu Hanoli, alcohol and skewered.
– Each rod is only oblique 6-7 pieces, little bit of meat on sticks rather than glued together to over the brochettes, long baking time will be ripe.
– Statistics oblique finished, the bowl onto skewers and inclination to water with a little honey. Note that not too much inclination to fire at barbecue.
– Grill over charcoal and recording back to the island for nine islands are like the most delicious grilled.
– When ripe fragrant flesh, sprinkle roasted sesame little more attractive for, served hot with chopped cucumber peel along doing more delicious tu.cang.

Muc Nuong the TE

Raw materials: Fresh ink tomorrow, sa tế, lemongrass bulbs, dry out, fresh chili, it is, than hoa.
– Spices, seasoning, pepper, Two Liu HANOLI, Ginger, white wine.

Mực nướng satế

Grilled Squid Sate

How do:

– Simply prepared fresh ink remover clean ginger wine, dry wipe to remove and replace the original ink beard, riem ink, state terms dragon squamous.
– How to make satay sauce: Africa fragrant shallots, minced lemongrass bulbs for satay, HANOLI olive oil to taste: Spices, seasoning, pepper to taste (not for water).
– Spread a piece of squid marinated satay sauce are taken 2 face to 15 minutes to infuse and then clamped into nine charcoal grill on yellow.
– Thai bite size pieces and presented on disc. Dotted with satay sauce or chili sauce are delicious.

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