Come on baby cribs for the ceremony is very important and also very meaningful not only for the baby but also for the ones, family, friends , to assert the existence of a human. – a member of society, but also confirms the role of the family and society to new members of society. and this holiday was the expression of good wishes of their parents and grandparents for children.

And the holidays are usually held a party for everyone, procedures worship rituals traditionally associated with the life of an important man, Often, the family celebrated at home, feast at home or in restaurants,

When kids enough 12 months, then we celebrated the only means left cradle cradle, according to traditional rites as follows :

Man only worship place

Ceremony The only place outside offering full month before celebrating thanksgiving She is not just squeeze her child, but also for supporting "mom square the circle", the following is to be submitted to cabinet – foreign, relatives, grandchildren neighborhood about a month after birth, but few see (both mother and child), here is certified as society's existence a human, to be coddled, praise, responsible for community help, conceived, che chở…

12 cozy cup of tea 12 She composed her: –

Bake Mu Tu Tran, considered the birth (Perinatal)

– Ms. Van Tu Mu Bake, considered pregnancy (being transferred)

– Ms. Lin Mu lamb, considered pregnancy (conception)

– Liu Mu Lost Princess, molded shape as the male, for baby girls.

– Ms. Lam Nhat She Bake, considered a fetus care (an thai)

– Mu Li Dai Nuong, considered the labor (being transferred)

– Ms. Mu Hua Dai Nuong, consider opening blooming pistil (households)

– Mu Cao Oven, considered in the gauge (care delivery)

– Five Princess tiara, considered infant care (Bao Tong)

– Mu Ma Ngu Nuong, regarded the treble kids (The General Chapter)

– She has trouble sleeping triaxial, considered the babysitter (spore)

– She Tam Nuong Nguyen, considered and monitored witnessing the birth.

Three German teacher including:

Evangelist, First patriarchs and monks have taught occupational function (not 13 Master).

After the presentation gifts, a chieftain or ritual practice known, three lit incense stick and pray: “Today, on (th)… months… (lunar), Date grandchildren (internal or grandchildren…) they, name… round 1 months, Our family gifts this presentation tray, provide time to gather her sensitivity and her three virtues he received before the ceremony proved, later continued her consistent support for (name…) Rough, Strong legs, mau lớn, sage, good, consistent support for peaceful family, happy”.

Only cradle ceremony, apart from offering tea – away, She offered her boiled duck – Monsignor pork offerings also represent local land, the soil, brothel owners. Trays are also present in the yard, first outward, comes with roasted pork also 5 cup of soup, 1 bowl of porridge, 1 disc pig heart, vegetables, incense, lights, alcohol, Tea, fruit, pork back mounted on a knife edge.

In the, presentation 3 This includes offering tray tray next four tutelary; tray of offerings to ancestors and deceased ancestors wheels (How many altar, tray offering this much). The offerings are suitable for cooked food every local practices. Next (on the board or wall set) presentation 12 cup of tea, away; duck boiled with 3 bowl of porridge and 1 clay soup offerings 12 She and her 3 Monsignor.

It also land agent, brothel owners vow soil, as follows: “Today, on (th)… months… (Lunar), her family (If they name)… presented as gifts tray, before provision thriving local representative, the soil, breaking the previous owners of proving recognition celebration for children (…) one year old, later continued her consistent support for (name…) healthy, fast growing, wise sage, for always supporting a prosperous family, happy…”. Tray vows worship tutelary responsibility scenes; tray of offerings to ancestors and deceased ancestors tray basic content like vows land conventions with local representatives, Aboriginal owners of the soil,, just change the subject is invited.

Appeal 12 She and her 3 Monsignor basically the same as the day of the month vows. Three weeks of wine and a tea week vows not to change (identical language, identical language). End of week three week wine and tea is a ritual performed "tested" by making baby items fit on the board or on the boards suits your personality male, or female. Then, put the baby in front of her belongings to self-selection of items such as: mirror, Summary, Post, booklet, took away, Money, drag… Materials are selected child (held before) folk believe that the selection of children for their future careers. After finishing the ritual death User, guests perform ritual congratulations and lucky for baby.

Baby's Party

General, Maybe this month – Baby's ceremony is a ritual expression of humanity Vietnam for every human, whether people are very naive. Today, in the process of integration and development, many forms of folk beliefs that perhaps this month – cradle ceremony only a traditional cultural beauty is in danger of disappearance or deformed under the market mechanism. If you do not know will preserve and promote the loss of traditional cultural beauty of our nation and ourselves.(st)

Following the ceremony was her first birthday celebration began., child will receive greetings and gifts or lucky money of guests, Her son's family for the child and her family's day turns one.

Banquet stop hospitality place. Guests mostly friends, parents' relatives, Should the party generally respected eating , n the party can organize your home or held in restaurants, form a party and varied menu

Walls these days mothers to have more time with their children most of the units are rented banquet organized to take place to maternal and child health. If you need consulting services only party crib, Our consulting package will make you feel comfortable and beautiful to impress my cradle days only.

You have many options in our, from food, party decorations, program for the ceremony,… varied from buffet, Parties, party finger food, Sweet party, European dishes, Mon Á, Party baked outdoor,… – Decorate bubble, flowers – Human animation, artificial technology bubble – Mc, animator. – Banquet pot alone.,.. Please contact us for advice and best organization.

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