Banquet the form of food is organized and methodical professional. Depending on the requirements of the event that conditions have different types of party. What kind of light refreshment as : party cocktail , tea party break for small openings, Between meetings,…
Type light meal with foods such as saltine crackers, cakes, fruit and beverages. Drink tea body, coffee, fruit juice, spring water and some champagne or wine if customers organize opened or celebrate an event that.
Type a larger party there buffet, finger food. In this event, the more abundant food for the savory, Main dishes, dessert. Banquet need an experienced unit, this is different from a simple group cooking.
The food must be good, beautiful decorations. Food is provided from the prestigious unit, hygiene and food safety.
The arrangement of a beautiful table requires aesthetic of the organization. In we have the consulting architect for this layout to achieve the highest aesthetic.
With many years of experience, we have successfully organized many events for customers. And service is reliable party for you.

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet
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  1. Hello, I plan an outdoor wedding with about 100 guests. I needed advice venue and service package. Please respond to my email for more detailed discussion.
    Xin cám ơn

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