In the tea party, country music icon for, Yin, positive symbol for fire, Which. Water contained in a jar called mizusashi. This bottle containing spring water is a symbol of purity can only be touched new owner. Tea packed in a ceramic pot called chaire will be wrapped in a thin silk bag very nice bottle next to mizusashi.

Bình mizushashi

When tea is ready, people will beat gongs notified if tea party takes place during the day and use if bells announce results night party place. Often there 5 to 7 bell to invite guests back to the tea party. Again the guests to wash their hands, wash mouth and he entered the tea room earlier ritual. They enjoy the flowers, enjoy warm, Kitchen and wait.

Chawan tea pot

Landlord entered on the handle teapot, Awan, hitting sticks together with tea, chaser, and a small piece of white cloth, Akin, used to dry the tea cups and tea ladle, chaskaku, here is the salt used to split bamboo tea. The next map is going teapot symbolizes the sun, yang-yang, and tea cups icons for items trǎng, âm-yin. Then, cbang bamboo and futaoki, a piece of bamboo for the kitchen team. Preparation of all necessary supplies, he gently closed the door trahu room turned out and carry on kensui, bowl used for holding tea leaves, hishaku, the water ladle.

Next, homeowners use cloth, fukusa, wipe teapot, This symbolizes the spirit of all the. Slowly he folded the sheet and put down fukusa. The show canvas folding attentive landlord should be made with a high concentration of.

Vai Fukusa

He used ladle hot water rinse and dry the tea cup fabric, Akin. Then he raised up the teapot, Thirty small ladle into cups of tea, and hot water poured from bottle to cup of tea for approximately invasion created a mild flavor. By rapid movements will host more water into the cup. Unused water would be poured back into the warm.

The cup of tea He invited all the guests and the guests received tea cup bent. Tea cup is lifted and rotated on hand denotes admiration. Then guests will take a sip and then wipe the edge of the cup of tea and spread to the remaining guests. After the guests have been enjoying tea flavor, tea cup back to the landlord. Homeowners clean cup. Tea probe, tea and teapot ladle also be cleaned. And the guests lively talk about bringing tea flavor

Leaving the tea party
Kitchen fire to boil off the usa father, thin wing tea. People use this tea for dessert. This is a manifestation of the guests leave the tea space and return to the mundane world.

After drinking father usa visitors will enjoy pastries, higashi. Finally the guests make judgments about tea and expressed admiration for the art of tea as well as the layout of the host. As we will see you all next door that does not give the guests watched from the door of the tea room.

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