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Air to celebrate Christmas and the new year be filled with places where, What you have prepared do not? was busy with a lot of work home decor, office, quà cho lam, making some suggestions below can make their homes as well as become more beautiful .


Doors are separators between your family and society, is also where the first impression for your guests to play house. How to make a leaf wreath hanging and easy:

Raw materials should be :

– Circle foam, can use old newspapers, tightly twisted together in a circle and white paint on. it looks pretty impressive.

– Ribbons

– The node type, color options

– Hot glue gun.


First, you use the glue gun beads up sponges (Paper Round), arranged in the order you want.

Use a cotton ribbon as garland and tied up, so we have 1 simple and beautiful wreaths and.

Tips ne : you can substitute dried beads with pineal, nuts or green plastic fake wire wreath online made it!

Making wreaths from old magazines :

Preparation :

-1 cardboard

– Journal of red and white old

– Furniture stapler

– Glue the paper.

The first step is to cut red white magazine into sand bands width is 2 cm. with different lengths for each class.

Then use the clippers 2 head bands just cut out, shaped like the petals.


And we are a pile of petals as shown.





Use cardboard cut as shown, diameter of about 30cm.






Next we get to glue the petals just cut circles,

Paste in a circle from the outside and each class created a large flower. Continue until paste tight end wreaths




Ne finished product, we can hook up front with tape 2 hand and welcome guests to our house any.

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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