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You are a open-minded and always looking for something new and innovative, in your big day you always want that day to be forgotten, with new ideas for this date you can combine holidays Wedding western style – of, Modern.

Besides keeping the traditional culture should also incorporate a bit of the modern western wedding. So what we need to acquire any, okay let's see.

Decorated in chic style with the cloth according purple tones, rosy, green,….

Decorated in purple tones

Decorated in tones of green and flowers that

Decorating style has guests on stage in the middle of the dance, and use complex lighting effects should not harmonious,…

Decorate with towels hanging lamp

Decorate the party area under green tones

Use a cloth hanging bubble and create abundance for table decorations

Decorate with balloons combined

And some party decor Buffet Finally a novel

Buffet table


Light banquet cakes teabreak, Fruit, decorated sync

Combined with floral decoration

Decorate beautiful shimmering wedding reception area with table and candles in the garden.

Decorative hanging lights in the garden

Decorative candles on table

With many styles of decoration you can choose a style to suit your taste and your budget.



For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

tiec buffet

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