Decorate wedding party colors – the 2

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Following the theme of the day before we come to green tones, một ý tưởng tuyệt vời cho đám Wedding mùa xuân! Do you feel more alive when you see green grass in spring? So, you can not bring spring to your big day. This may be applying for a theme wedding decoration green. A little gentle and quiet on the green and you can combine with soft cream color. Using a few leaves and grass. Or even just the bamboo also really feel spring is real, You can use the green light also makes sense for the new cost of your wedding, and can also use a dark color of green and white make your wedding becomes mysterious. Also add a few sunflower yellow flowers is also a good idea! And following are some ideas for winter wedding. Silver is in the cold and snow. Decorate and light sparkle associated with a little red symbolizes love , you can apply them in any time of year, less than elegant look, glistening. Also this color is also associated with any color : pink, Gold, purple color and a few other. Wedding brilliant yellow butter, mustard. Yellow capital undeniable warmth of it and bring the fun, You desire warm sunny day winter coat in the cold and wet.

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