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Decorate the air will make the event more solemn than, enhance the attractiveness and impression for your event. Chúng tôi cung cấp các gói trang trí cho buổi tiệc thêm sang trọng và lãng mạn


nen Candles decorated on table, outside the garden, of the interior angles. Candles will increase the light and make the party more romantic.


hoa States have an important role in the party, party makes colors more vivid, Vitality. Flowers decorated with many different genres as:

  • Globe flowers
  • Hand States, dress set for guests
  • Flower foot
  • Republic
  • Entrance States
  • Sprinkle petals decoration
  • Flower decoration on other details

Watermelon decoration:

Watermelon is incorporated decorative letters, logo…be trimmed by the artist subtly leading us to break up the party more luxurious and artistic

Decorate cupcakes tower:

We provide the cake tower cupcake various models and designs in a variety of stunning style.

Decorate bubble:

Balloons decorated with many kinds and shapes also contribute to your party more lively

The game:

The game is designed in accordance with the content of each event

New decor ideas:

This form of decoration is difficult and requires a lot of creativity, but fortunately in tiecBuffet we have good designers, This workshop will help you discover new ideas if you are someone who likes the subtle, new. However, this method depends on your wisdom and your lifestyle . Because of its unique and sometimes quite bold strokes and humor. And you have to be a success, knowledgeable in the art to understand and feel. The decoration but have incurred extra costs but it is also more affordable to add significant event! [blockquote]If you are interested in a perfect party and the beautifully decorated, please contact us at the information below to be able to get the best advice and more exchange of ideas!

Download menu of Decorations

For further information please contact us at the information below to receive a quote for the services your event with specific content.

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