Do simple decorations, do so very economical and effective but also very romantic and meaningful for yourself you want to decorate for a party,vi Wedding!
I would like to introduce some basic simple style that anyone can do it:
1. Elegant and save :
The highlight for this idea is a winter wedding reception, it looks luxurious and expensive but actually it is not so.
Fill the bottle, take the dry twigs in your garden or you can buy in any shop selling decorative flower does. It is very difficult to identify which are the branches of natural or artificial, however you should use the simplest type and the most cost.
Candles lit you can buy them at any specialty store or supermarket candles, bookstore near you. You can choose scented candles to scent when lit will be gentle elegance.

Simple and elegant

2.Classic style efficiency

Beginning of this decoration is also based on the decoration of the tree, but you will cover a slightly artificial snow on tree branches, You should notice a slight spray thin layer of snow to snow can create a sense of true romance and more.
You can use white foam to make snow, You will rest in a bottle used to have banned the snow covered branches.
Around us will decorate small candles, If your favorite color, you can choose the type of candle warmer colors like : red, cam,…

Snow flower romantic

3. Easy and romantic

This is a very delicate decoration and very nice however to save on decorations located on the banquet table.
The white beads and decorative flower vases as you can buy in the shops selling handicrafts, or you can simply visit the neighborhood bookstore, followed by the purchase of flowers, flowers can be purchased from any flower shop on street.
You just cleverly combines them together to create a product that everyone should decorate with your jealousy.

Trang trí hoa tươi sang trọng

Luxury decorative flowers

Please consult our suggestions, but remember that : “Saving does not mean luxury k”

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