DIY Christmas tree ornaments 1

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Pine is the most popular decorative role in the Christmas holidays, you instead of buying ready-made items can make simple but beautiful decorations, try offline

The Christmas party is indispensable decorations, the party family gatherings, friends, colleagues. Home decoration, office, …

The confetti hung Christmas tree. Giấy bauble

Preparation :

– 3 colored paper sheets or more, choose the color you like and easy to combine.

– Pencil, drag, keo Dán. com.

– Dây len hoặc chỉ.

The first step :

Dùng compa vẽ 4 colored circles on each sheet of paper.

Cut the circle equivalent 3 sheet equal. each sheet 4 circle have been 12 circle.

Step two : Closed circular way and put on top of each other.

Bước ba : Circular used wool or only connect by running along the fold.

Put little glue on the edges of adjacent circles. Create a shape as shown below :

You as many questions as above with enough different colors and hung on a tree also makes sparkling tree, then is not it?

Likewise can this form

Paper snowflakes

Preparation :

– Giấy A4 ( Colors and patterns depending on your)

– Drag

Step 1 : Cut a square sheet of A4 into a corner by folding into triangular and rectangular residual thua.Ban can use leftover strips to make smaller snowflakes.

Step 2: Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

Step 3 : Keep 'open’ end of the triangle to the left and right of your main folding. Then, triangles visually divided into thirds. Fold the right side down to the bottom right corner was cut down at the bottom of the triangle.

Step 4 : Fold the left hand side on top of the other side, do DJO, it's like an arrowhead.

Step 5 : Flip to reveal a line on top of the smaller triangle. Cut along this line to even it out.

Step 6 :

Cut shapes on both sides of the triangle and opens to reveal your shape!

Note: this cut (with the fold on the right hand side and “open” upper left) make the large six-pointed star in the center of the main image.

You can paste them on the wall or as a spherical paper snowflake made more angular, hang on the Christmas tree.





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