DIY Christmas tree ornaments 2

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Paper Globe homemade Christmas tree decorations simple and extremely cute , and public funding !

Items should be : 1 A5 or A4 sheet of paper (Optional color ), paper cutter, Rulers.

How do :

Cut the paper into 6 lines like the image below, can use multiple colors or a color.

Cut six cards long

Cut some point near the end of the first two cards

…to connect them together.

The rest have been the star formation 5 off, simple as shown below, each sheet must be cross-stacked

and to circle on star formation

and up 5 cross-range and pull into the circle

The next step is to cross the card and lock ring in place

And processes that most need to finesse the circle is set up and balance the sphere.

You can choose colors for your sphere, Decorating the Christmas tree, on the ceiling, or decoration on table, … Please show your dexterity go offline.

Make 3D Snowflakes

3D big stars are created from 6 A4 paper is usually equivalent to 6 Petals

You prepare 6 square sheet of A4 paper and folded as shown below

Cut as shown below

Done and opened the paper

Starting paste between two small triangles together

Next rotate the paper pasted next two triangles

Keep your opinions and indirect spin until you get a picture as below

Do 5 the other is the same you will have 6 fields and combine them together you will have star 6 3D wing, The following is a decorative way. With a little handy you can make these cute decorative products and cheap is not it, try offline.

Baskets woven paper heart-shaped candy containers lovely Christmas.

You need to :

– Coloured paper , color options, more colors

– Pencil, Size, drag, bandage 2 side or glue.

Step 1: Cut two rectangles of length more than 3 times the width, two different colors. 30cm x 10 cm is the best.

Step two :

Choose one of two rectangles, cut it in half, and again draw a square on the paper hemisphere just cut out, then draw two parallel lines on a square, divided by the square as 3 Card, Cut only the last two lines, do the same with 3 remaining pieces

Step 3 :

Denmark has cut two pieces of different colors on each other

Similarly knit two remaining pieces, residuals than the path and paste two similar arrays knit together, I will have a heart-shaped basket, add a strap connecting the two pieces together t have completed basket

You can skip the candy and hang up Christmas tree!

Wish you success and merry Christmas!


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