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First, you should not hurry to go get food when not observe the whole dish on table, because in addition to the items you like, there are other items you'll discover. Not to mention, just focusing on familiar dishes, to come together as friends Khao other delicious dishes, you'll regret so no. The islands within the region exhibited a dish also help you identify how many of banquet dishes, Items that can be used before, Items that can be taken to avoid eating after many, eat out, waste.

After studying the menu, You also need to select the appropriate seat. Concrete, if you bring along children, should choose a party close to the display area is not pacing, Also remember to avoid crowded places to sit, easy to collide with others. If you go with a group, you can choose the far corner to chat more comfortable.



When taking food, you should adhere to the principle of: Who comes first before taking. Of course, do not forget to give disabled, elderly, children or men's preference for women. Normally, party food buffet are arranged in a clockwise direction, there, including appetizers, main course and dessert ... But, if some areas overcrowding, you can move to another dish, wait when people come back sir.

Culture eat

Buffet usually from 15-30 items or more, therefore, you can not enjoy all if the food always eat too much. Every item you should get a little, do not let “eyes bigger than belly”.

In addition, should be limited to eat while drinking habits, because you will inadvertently dilutes the digestive, making process food consumption slowed. From the other side, to eat and drink will make the oral cavity clean will make you eat more, resulted in no fast, not enjoy all the foods you like. Best, you should only sip water as gastrointestinal irritation with fruit juices or alcohol vang.

Many people may think that you are not eating enough money to take advantage of the food brought. This practice is at the cavalry, offensive, losing the hearts of those who attended the buffet.

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