The idea for the BBQ party

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An event to be celebrated when the idea must be used to serve the public, BBQ is an option not standard to service the typical food you can find in the event. The method of cooking quick and friendly atmosphere creates an environment of light and comfortable can enhance the experience, and the variety of foods and laid out for you more choices.

Use finger

Style barbecues food itself is very small, just mouth should be eaten as finger foods ( finger food), These can be presented art to create eye-catching space. Bake small portions of meat as 2 sausage pieces, chicken meat ,…Small peppers vegetables look more beautiful and healthy there. Use tau will make people eat more comfortably, easy to go back in the buffet, easy to chat with many people,

Skewer food


Cooking on the grill skewers create harmony without spending much work, download the desired dish into any USB in any baking recipe , cook and serve some sort of distinct types.

Be gourmet

Pour into the baking dish spices such as cinnamon, five spice powder, Piper lolot,.., creating special flavors for delicious dishes, preparation of sauces combined with drawn dishes from cuisines around the world, just the simple sauce add spice to dishes.

Roasted Quay

The baked or fried usually prepared before arrival, or place the right party, depending on the form of the party, you can create a space for self-baked, use it as a theme for BBQ , or we can prepare barbecue kitchen before arrival 1-2 depending on the language such meat pork, roasted duck, … Chefs have always stood cooking.

Bread or rice balls

If you have sausage, salad , and baked goods then you need to add bread or rice balls to eat together, arrange them how you customize by creativity.

The dessert

Jelly fruit

There are desserts for parties barbecue usually fruits, fruit salad, you can add frozen yogurt, tea or fruit dishes also make a dessert rich in BBQ.






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