Select appropriate ideas for wedding flowers cost savings

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First, you must determine a company that provides flowers with reliable quality, creative and experienced in this field.

The selection of flowers for the day Wedding very important, you will feel the feeling when your guests to, wedding dresses, wedding dresses, tones. Let's set up but the flowers as port, stage, table, corridor,…to ensure cost estimates how much.

Think of your wedding flowers look like flowers and then hand, page served with. Here are some seasonal flowers to choose from to suit, both easy and saving for.


– Red trumpet
– Cherry
– Chrysanthemums
– Narcissus
– Rhododendron
– Flower ring
– Orchids
– Tulip

– Jasmine


– Jasmine
– Carnation
– Lily
– Fall
– Roses
– Bell
– Thach draft
– Cat wallWinter

– Roses
– Orchids

You select flowers appropriate preferences and seasonal offline.

Here are some meanings of flowers, you can refer to for fun okay.

Chrysanthemums : show greatness.
Daisy flower water : show foresight, recall.
Chrysanthemum flower age : expressed joy.
Yellow mums : expressed smiling, fun, show the true, in white.
White Daisies : Innocent and charming.
Purple Daisies (Plaster Workshop) : That nostalgic farewell.
Yellow mums : Love you dear, so joyful.
Persian Chrysanthemums : shown in the white.
Marigold : expressed hatred.
Chrysanthemums nose comedy : expressed protected.
Chrysanthemums currency : expressed wish to live long.

Hoa tulíp : show love, and beautiful victory, icon perfect lover.
Yellow tulips : show love but not hope.
White tulips : show your love.
Red tulips : show love not reciprocated.
Green tulips : show sincerity.

Wall of flowers : show the love.
Flowers of red wall : shown a desire to be loved.
Flowers of white wall : showing love in white.
States of blush wall : show promise.

Hoa sen : Generosity and compassion of charity.
White Lotus : proved the innocence of his evil without, reverently, sanctuary.
Pink Lotus : Rejoice, playful.
Hoa sen cạn : Patriotism

United lis : show a completely pleasant, kindness and respect.
The white fleur : proved the innocence and elegance.
Wild Flowers lis : expressing happiness.
Lis painted flowers : expressed serious indecent.

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