Senior Prom Ideas

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Are you looking for ideas for their year-end party and want new ideas, Please see the ideas being introduced below in.

Year-end party with some ideas for your agency:

Comedy program

programs are not expensive if you up the hilarious script starring as general agency workers. These will certainly make people laugh!

A little secret in party

If you have a small company (below 30 labor) consider organizing a party at agency. Events have fun with everything a normal party food and drinks – During the party can organize several mini games and gifts for your staff. A party atmosphere so will help people intimate and intertwined than

Dessert – Cake cupcake

Some people love unique desserts like cupcakes or chocolate dipped fruit to finish an event.

A little gambling

You can organize a lottery game, or lucky draw with some bonus contributions from each member agency. In addition to the rewards from the authorities, this is a very interesting game. However should only play a few times!


There is no faster or more efficient way for people to express their abilities in karaoke. Items are usually located in the building program 2 of each person. If the members of this love, you'll get an idea of ​​this game.

Faster performance, who drank beer

Choose the best candidates seek power and performance, a single dose 3 beer,who had finished first, winning. This is also a way to know who is “competence” Championships drink at your agency

Repertoire Entertainment

To avoid boring people party atmosphere, you can add the item entertainment, Circus, magic to add fun party. If you have children, this is a mandatory requirement, kids will love it when clowns awarded to a bubble forming.

Drinks cocktail

This could be a cocktail of alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Mix drinks will make the party “to chảnh” than. Cocktails will avoid people falling into not want to stop drinking.

You Lich

Rewards for staff and their families on a trip. Maybe this is good present for your staff. Most Vietnamese people less traveled to other countries to learn the culture of the place. Helping employees expand their knowledge as well as a profitable investment for the future of your company. Maybe a trip to Hawaii or in Southeast Asia !

Time organization

If last year too busy, Consider a mid-month party. It will make people more fully present freezing.


Capture fun moments of the members of the company and share them as part of the corporate culture!

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